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Gibson Eyewear Imports over 2 million eyewear frames annually. Australian owned and operating since 1960.
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About Us


Gibson Eyewear brings fun and excitement through our latest eyewear collections designed for everybody to wear.

Australian owned and operated since 1960, Gibson Eyewear continues to adapt and innovate its eyewear collections.  Gibson drives its eyewear business with exceptional customer service, quality product, styling innovation and value for money.

Importing over 2 million eyewear frames annually, Gibson Eyewear is considered the pre-eminent supplier of fast moving eyewear in Australia.

Throughout its fifty-three years, Gibson Importing has overseen the growth of its two divisions – Eyewear and Giftware. We are thankful to be a major distributor in both markets within Australia.

Separate consultants service our Eyewear and Gibson Gifts businesses. While they are two separate Product and Marketing arms, both divisions do work together analysing and implementing trends.

Whilst it is a premium service we offer, we are always reviewing our costs to ensure that not only you are profitable, but so is Gibson.

Being financially strong ensures that we re-invest back into our industry, our customers and our eyewear support team.